by Cagedgrave

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released August 31, 2015

Recorded by Bage @ The Gradge, Mooroolbark, Victoria.
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound, California, CA.
Lyrics and Vocals on "End" by Dwid Hellion.



all rights reserved


Cagedgrave Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Powerviolence band.

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Track Name: Hound
The dogs have stopped barking at my door
I don't want to give up anymore
The blood still pump through these veins
But I still don't understand (myself)
Am I fit for this coffin yet?
Build a fire and watch me burn
Track Name: Mortsafe
Slip the noose around my neck
My hanging feet above the floor
Now my dark days are over
but there are darker days ahead

Watch me fall with my wings still wet
Shake me until I go blind
This is the face of failure
I'm broken at the bend

Watch me fall with my wings still wet
Shake me until I go blind
This is the face of failure
Some things break before they bend

I am a slave to myself.
Track Name: Nausea
Hearing you speak makes me fucking sick
Vile words twisting for your purpose
not an honest bone present in your body
I can feel my temperature rising
Opposite of everything (I believe)
Crawl back in your hole
Why don't you just take the hint and leave me alone.
Track Name: Brainrot
My blood boils
My bones start to rot
I've dug my grave
Inside my head
Salt the earth
Salt the soil
If it doesn't clot
the blood will run
Track Name: Give Up
I've given up on myself
Beat my own head against the wall
Pulling out everything inside
And setting fire to my thoughts

Lick your wounds
Paradise does not exist
Lick my wounds
It’s Just a hole in the ground

Stand in line
All your hope has turned to ash
Toe the line
Just a short push from the end

I’ll give up all over again
Track Name: Corrupt
Look me in the eye
I’m still here
No sense
Victim of circumstance
Nothing left to give
No Shame
No one keeps me sane
I don’t care
No Sleep
Functioning on apathy
I will watch you fall
Track Name: Catastrophic failure
Find me Face down / unable to breathe
Life blood drained / White spots dance

Vision fades
End me here

Reduced to a series of words
My name removed
Through all this I've played my part
End me
I've sat back and taken count
I spill out these words
Stuck inside my own head
Stuck inside my head
Track Name: Cruel
Loneliness is a curse to the outsider
Spit on your face
I’ll spit on your name
And I’ll spit on your grave

Does this all mean I’m a freak
Does this all mean I’m alone in this world

Choke on your own unsaid words
Choke on your own unsaid words